The Pen Warriors Top Eleven: Social Media Advice Not Taken

In January I took an on line social media course. It was an intense two weeks. So intense, the instructor has now decided to spread the same course over a month because there’s just so much to absorb. Social media is a huge, constantly morphing beast. Complicating everything is the fact that a platform that works today may not even exist tomorrow. So what’s a writer to do? Pick their way through the minefield, figure out what feels right for them and take some advice along the way. Or not!

Here are the top 11 pieces of social media advice the Pen Warriors have received . . . and NOT taken:


11. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar; be cute.

10. Be consistent.

9. Be a bot.

8. Learn . . . or like . . . Facebook.

7. Let anybody tag you anywhere – all exposure is good.

6. Promo our books every single tweet.

5. Buy reviews.

4. Have a glass of wine before tweeting; it’s a great way to loosen up.

3. Spam friends.

2. Have profiles everywhere; checking in isn’t necessary.

1. Use Foursquare to let people know where you are all the time, even if you’re getting a facial, at the dump or drinking at the bar.

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