Take one 75 million dollar lottery win. Combine with a floundering restaurant, a weasel of an ex-husband, and a teen seasoned with attitude. Spice heavily with one true love. Is it a recipe for disaster or the recipe of Temple’s dreams?

Winning the lottery will certainly help Temple turn her restaurant, GIRLS WHO DISH, into a world-class establishment. Except, everybody wants a piece of lotto pie: her mother, her daughter, her best friend . . . and the furious staff members who didn’t win and sue for their share.

As she struggles with a case of MILLION DOLLAR BLUES, Temple is blindsided by the return of her first love, James LeShan. Now a successful lawyer, James will help Temple out of her legal mess . . . but he has something much more personal in mind for the two of them.

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Laura Tobias writes women’s fiction and paranormal time travel romance from her home in the Pacific Northwest. Her novels explore love between couples, between families and between friends. Laura’s first word was cookie, her second was book, and her priorities haven’t changed since. If she’s not walking her Shetland Sheepdogs or planning her next meal, Laura is at her treadmill desk writing books where characters almost always get their happily-ever-afters. Her alter ego, Laura Langston, writes for teens and younger children.


Laura Tobias writes women's fiction and paranormal time travel romance.

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Laura also writes for teens and younger children as Laura Langston.


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