What Lainey Sees

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Centuries ago, the love they shared ended in tragedy. Together again and unaware of their past life, can Lainey Hughes and Gage Stuart claim the love that’s rightfully theirs?

Seattle newspaper reporter Lainey Hughes is desperate to find her mother who has disappeared into the Tacere Brethren, a doomsday cult sequestered somewhere along the Pacific coast. When an informant is killed passing Lainey information about the cult’s sinister plans for perfection of the human race, she teams up with Gage Stuart, a jaded cop whose young son is also trapped inside the cult. Certain that a horrific sacrifice is only days away, yet unable to convince the local authorities of the threat, Lainey and Gage race up the coast in a kayak searching for the deserted island where their loved ones are being held. The weather is fierce . . . the animals are wild . . . and time is running out.

With lives on the line and love within reach, can two wounded souls get it right this time?

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It Happens At Midnight

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It Happens At Midnight, an anthology of short stories by the Pen Warriors, is now available! One last coffee cup reading . . . one last good deed at midnight . . . and Freya can claim her ultimate reward. That’s the plan in The Trouble With Apples. But good deeds don’t always turn out…

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