It Happens At Midnight

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It Happens At Midnight, an anthology of short stories by the Pen Warriors, is now available!

One last coffee cup reading . . . one last good deed at midnight . . . and Freya can claim her ultimate reward. That’s the plan in The Trouble With Apples. But good deeds don’t always turn out the way they should and endings are sometimes new beginnings . . .

I’m excited to announce the release of my short story The Trouble with Apples. Contained in the anthology It Happens at Midnight, this collection by Pen Warriors Bonnie Edwards, Vanessa Grant, EC Sheedy, Gail Whitiker and me, Laura Tobias, resulted from a one line premise and a single question. The premise: There’s a woman going down a dark road at midnight. The question: What is she doing there?

Present five authors with one story prompt and you’re guaranteed five very different tales. Our anthology is the result.

In my case, I saw an old woman named Freya walking down a dark path to an outbuilding where she had to release a falcon into the night. The bird had a task to complete – he had to reconcile two lovers. Freya’s part in the affair was there in the coffee grounds . . . it was written in her destiny. All I had to do was make sense of it.